POMPONAZZI Real Quartz Coating

Worlds No.1 Glass Coating – Chemical Resistant/Hydrophobic


7 Year – Lifetime Warranty (Subject to Annual INspection Maintenance Program)

Cost: $POA (Based on extra small Hatchback) extra for station wagons, minivans, 7 Seaters, saloons and trucks.

Details: Sadly, cars are rarely delivered with perfect paintwork, even when brand new. This can be because of storage conditions, transportation damage or poor preparation pre-delivery. Therefore, to make new car collection or delivery as special as it should be, why not get the paint fully prepared and protected beforehand?


  • 24 Step – hand wash over the entire vehicle, wheels, arches, and door, engine and trunk jambs.
  • Vehicle is hand dried using compressed air and synthetic absorber towels.
  • Full paint decontamination with Clay Bar treatment (removes embedded road grime, tar, paint splatter.)• 1-stage machine polish with a Menzerna/Scholl/Rupes polish to remove unsightly swirl marks.
  • Tyres and exterior plastics cleaned, conditioned and protected
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and machine polished
  • Water repellent treatment to all exterior windows (can last up to 2 years)
  • All interior surfaces wiped down to remove dust, carpets vacuumed with glass and vanity mirrors cleaned
  • Tires dressed with a non-splatter, non-oily dressing.

Does Not Include:

  • No major paint correction. Only small surface imperfections will be removed.
  • Interior Detail Package is additional.

Next Service Recommendation: To maintain this level of detail, we recommend hand washing bi-monthly and following up with annual inspection after 10/12 months.


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