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Lamborghini Gallardo Full Correction & Opticoat 9H Pro

This Lamborghini was in need of some serious Paint correction or the full exterior detail. Heavy swirl marks were evident as regular local car washes scratched the paintwork over a period of time, hence the gloss levels were low. Paintwork measured roughly 140 microns to 190 and the whole correction was spread over 4 days. The start of the detail was a massive double foam gun lance, citrus degreaser was sprayed all over the intricate exterior bits and pieces from front guards, wheels, cracks and crevices and in the front air dams of the front bumper. Out came my swissvax brushes to agitate the dirty and stained oxidised areas around the badges. As i waited for the citrus degreaser o do its action, i filled up my foam gun lance with some serious ph neutral formulated shampoo, and foamed the whole exterior, and i was massively generous with the foam gun stage, as i double foam gunned this Lambo.. as it was maybe my last one i would ever detail for a long, long time. Its not how many Lamborghini’s you detail, but its the question you ask yourself…. if the situation came about, were you fit enough and experienced enough to handle such a beautiful weapon.

Ready i was, and anticipation was the key as this machine was booked up in advanced, had all types of pads, polishes, and all the bits and pieces a Pro Detailer would have ready… After the massive wash down, rub down with 3M clay bar as i thought my older clay prep towels generally mar the paintwork, i thought id do the honours of the traditional methods of the old lube and clay by hand method, and did i pick up contaminants, i sure did, massive amounts of tar and roughness around the front wheel arches. Wheels were also clay barred and wheel dollies were a extension of my arm as it extended the clean inside to the Rims. After a massive wash, and detailed wash of all the exterior, I Air-Dried the car, and chamois down the exterior and drove the beast back into its owners den.

Masked off the areas that needed be, and lights were set up. This is where the swirl marks were really showing up as we have now stripped the wax, glaze straight off the paintwork. The paintwork was ready to be polished. Each area was levelled down slowly rather than hitting hard with the harshest polish possible. I wanted to enjoy the moment, and level down the paintwork, and IPA wipedown in between stages to really eliminate possible amounts of polish still left in any lighter swirl marks, also i was getting this Lambo ready for its 3 coats of Opticoat Pro spread over the last 2 days. To conclude this detail, i would have to say getting the Gallardo to its level was brilliant as every part of the exterior was properly polished, and extension parts off my polisher was reached into areas that clients would assume not. Please enjoy this album as this detail shot roughly 300 photos, but i minimalized it down to roughly 90. Please Contact Daniel on 0405662881.




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